Breakfast start with a glass of natural fruit juice. Then a large portion of oatmeal. Prepare them as follows: in the evening soak ¾ Cup oats in milk fat content of not less than 5% and store in a cool place, in the morning top with honey, grated Apple and chopped nuts. Finish your Breakfast 2-3 cups of cocoa with a piece of wheat bread with butter.
The second Breakfast to be held 3 hours after the first. You can choose one of 2 options.

First: a glass of vegetable or fruit juice and a Cup of hot beef broth with boiled egg.
Second: a big sandwich (complete with a slice of a loaf of white bread or two slices of the loaf) with butter and sausage, a Cup of yogurt high-fat, chocolate (as you want).
For lunch, serve a salad of fresh vegetables, richly seasoned with sour cream high fat content. Soup: beef broth, seasoned with vegetables or soup with meatballs. Or as a variant – a Cup of strong chicken broth with crackers.

The second need the meat (better pork) with pasta or mashed potatoes prepared with milk and butter. If you prefer to garnish rice, please, just season it with butter or cream sauce (however, you can generously pour over the pasta). The apotheosis of lunch – coffee with cream and fresh fruit.
Afternoon snack 3 hours after lunch. Choose one of 2 options.

First: salad with meat or chicken, generously seasoned fat sour cream, a big sandwich with butter, chocolate.
Second: choice of – cheesecake with sour cream or meat or mushroom pie (large piece, about with your own two hands), hot tea with natural honey or a Cup of hot chocolate.
For dinner, again two options.

The first: scrambled eggs 2-3 eggs, a large portion of fried potatoes, a sausage sandwich.
Second: a large portion of salad from fresh vegetables, pasta (with minced meat), topped with grated cheese, a sandwich with sausage or butter.

Regardless of the option selected to complete your dining experience with two glasses of milk with fat content of not less than 3.5%.
For half an hour before going to bed eat an Apple and drink a glass of warm milk with honey.
You can eat during the day, nuts, bananas and dates. Your daily diet should contain at least 4500-5000 kcal a classic 1500-1700. Do not forget about physical activity during high-calorie diet, otherwise your dozen will be distributed on the figure unevenly, i.e., settled on the abdomen and flanks.