The appetite and digestion improve infusions of herbs, including clovers, alfalfa, thyme, wormwood, dandelion, yarrow, knotweed, nettle, mint, coriander and others. You can use them separately, but best to prepare the herbal collection of several components.
Two tablespoons minced collection pour a liter of boiling water, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes in a saucepan with the lid. Then pour it into a thermos and insist the whole night. Drink half a Cup of broth throughout the day, half an hour before meals. To improve its taste, add sugar, honey or jam.
To use these herbs should be for a long time. Drink three or four months, then take a short break (two weeks), replace the components, to avoid habituation, and continue the treatment. And even if your condition improves, continue taking the herbs. In the future they can be used to prevent in weightende-autumn period.
To improve appetite and replenish body vitamin C will help the hips. Brew two teaspoons of dried fruit and drink the broth several times a day as tea.
If you have dropped the weight due to severe illness, exhaustion and weakness can be overcome by making the enhanced therapeutic feeding. Intake of calories should exceed the energy consumption of the body. You need food rich in proteins (meat, fish, eggs), as well as pastry and rice, butter and sour cream. These products are well absorbed in the body.
To stimulate the production of gastric juice and the best digestion, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially lemons, oranges, apples, grapes, raw garlic.
The increase in weightand body contribute vitamins, fish oil, daily consumption of at least a small amount of walnuts. Nuts can be mixed with honey and eat several tablespoons a day with tea or milk better.
Daily ration, divide into small portions. Better increase the number of meals, but not her one-time amounts not to overload the stomach. Eat slowly and thoroughly chewing the food. While eating one should not read or watch TV.
Try beautifully decorate their dishes. It also stimulates the appetite, and the food is better absorbed.
Before eating shouldn't be nervous, and after that it is very useful at least for a quarter of an hour to lie down and relax.
Weight help to gain and intermittent fasting. First, you will back appetite, and secondly, the body can easier absorb nutrients.
In no case do not dispose of physical education. They promote muscle development, formation of correctly folded shape and prevent deposition of fat in the wrong places.
Do not forget about proper rest. As much sleep. It restores strength, calms the nerves and helps to gain weight.