Pay special attention to their nutrition. Be sure to eat more protein foods, and best buy special cocktails, which promote muscle growth. Include in your diet meat, dairy products and fish. Do not forget cereals, vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to the quality of the pasta - they should be of the highest grade and made from durum wheat, and other benefits will not be enough. But with food it is very difficult to get the right dose the vitamin, so take vitamins and minerals, preferably those that are designed specifically for women.
To increase the muscle mass of the body join a gym. Consult with an experienced coach and you will be the best plan for physical activity, which in no time will cause your weight to normal. Usually an increase of body weight you can see, VZweightivsize few days on weightAh.
But some exercises and proper nutrition you are unlikely to do. Weight added in a period of strong healthy sleep. Therefore, sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. If you have poor sleep, it may also be the cause of underweight. Take light sedative and everything is back to normal.
Excessive leanness occurs as a consequence of the weak formulation of female hormones. To fix this you only taking a hormone treatment or engaging in regular sex. It is noticed that women who are married, a little rounded, especially in the most savory places. It is connected with the beginning of regular sexual life. Of course, should not seek to get married, but a reliable partner for unprotected sex you can find. Hormonal balance returns to normal and the weight stabiliziruemost.