Analyze your diet, recording within several days the products that you use, and their number. Per adult for one meal should have no less than 700 grams, with the liquid. If Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you eat smaller amount of food, the cause of your thinness may be malnutrition. If the amount of the amount of food is normal, so it is necessary to increase the number of protein products of animal origin.
Full eat three times a day, ideally 5-6 times. Breakfasts Lunches and dinners and organize in a calm atmosphere, because nervousness can contribute to bad digestion. In breaks don't forget to eat nuts, dried fruit, etc.
Choose foods rich in proteins. High fat content also may increase the weight, but he will likely go right to your belly and sides. In addition, fatty foods can cause metabolic disorders and spoil the digestion.
What products are best suited in order to recover? Thick cream rich in protein and highly digestible. Also well absorbed by the body and butter, which, in addition, also rich in vitamins. Any flour-based products, rolls, pies, cookies, cakes, gingerbread – you are encouraged to eat with a sweet tea, juice or compote. Rice is best cooked in meat broth or milk. A perfect dish for the rise of weight – pilaf. Drink whole milk, which will provide the body the necessary calcium and will also help to get better.
Include in the diet of meat – beef, pork, lamb. Very useful for you and all milk porridge, flavoured with sugar and butter. From a large selection of cereals, choose those that suit your taste, and cook the porridge of them. Of the fruit help to get better bananas, persimmons, mangoes, melons, apricots, grapes. Drink fruit juices with pulp – for its nutritional properties are not inferior to the fresh fruit and help digestion. Vegetables give preference to potatoes, beets, pumpkin, squash, zucchini and carrots. And eat desserts like chocolates, cakes, candies.