You can overcome your shyness and just say: "I like You". Though led since the beginning so that the initiative must come from "strong floor", it may well take and "the weaker sex". Nothing wrong there, it is only important to behave so that the man didn't have the impression that the girl is frivolous and easily accessible.
If still hard to be so honest, much can be said through the eyes. Gentle eyes looking directly into the eyes of someone who likes to have miraculous powers. So then surely all will become clear. And if you still shy smile, then certainly he'll understand.
You can tell about your feelings to him directly and indirectly. Not only girls like compliments. Guys also love when they are praised. And praise is always there. You can say: "You're so smart!" Options: "strong", "brave", "skilful".
Sign language is as old as the human race. If accidental touch, especially when combined with awkwardly-loving look, successfully replace the most Frank words.
Some are trying to convey to the young man a message of sympathy with a third party. Maybe you have mutual friends that can give us a hint about your feelings? If you are shy, you can resort to using cell phone. TEXT him and then wait for an answer.
Some girls seek attention of a guy, teasing him and even provoking. Oddly enough, this method is quite effective. Here it is necessary not to get carried away and to maintain a reasonable measure.
If in spite of everything, to the guy stubbornly "no income", there are two options: either he is firmly in love with another girl, or it's a particularly severe case, and the girl better not to waste time and look for another Beau. There have been plenty of guys who are able to appreciate it.