You will need
  • - resignation and appointment;
  • the order of dismissal and appointment;
  • - employment contract.
The external compatibilizer may resign from a permanent job and move to you full time. In this case, you must obtain his admission as a permanent employee and to make the dismissal as a part-time basis. This can be done in the same day.
Get from the part-time two statement. One should be written on the dismissal part-time. The other of the full-time employment as a regular worker for the vacant job.
Make two orders. One resignation from part-time job. Another of the main office. In this case you must terminate the existing employment contract on part-time and to conclude a new employment contract specifying all conditions of work, rest, charge.
If the workbook part-time was a record, produce a record of the dismissal and employment as a primary employee. This can be done in the same day. The part-time worker is entitled to compensation for unused vacation days and to proceed immediately to his duties.
If your organization has changed its name or moved on the right of ownership to the new founders, you can spend the dismissal of all employees, pay them compensation for all the days of unused vacation. Further, on the same day, apply for admission, obtaining an application for admission to work. Enclose employment contract, release order of dismissal and reception, make an entry in the work book, putting the name of the new company.
Another option of dismissal and reception on the same day – when in fact the dismissal did not take place. If you have already left a note of resignation, but by agreement with the employer the employee was working in the same position, make the entry in the work book that the dismissal did not take place, and previous record should be considered invalid.
The employer is obliged to issue a new order in which you specify about the failed dismissal and recognition of the previous order invalid.