You will need
  • - statement by employer (subject to resignation);
  • notification to the employee (in case of dismissal according to article 288 of the LC RF);
  • - complete calculation with part-time workers (compensation for vacation and payment for the current period);
  • - order of dismissal;
  • - employment records (if it was made on the job).
To resign at his own request, submit a statement two weeks before the dismissal. If the employer agrees, you can retire without working 14 days specified in the Labour code.
Also without working the employer is obliged to dismiss you if you are unable to continue withthe rank of admission in educational institutions and in retirement on the main job. Or if the employer has violated the terms of the employment contract, regulations and internal acts, ifmeasures had not paid wages on time or paid the incorrect salary specified in the contract. In all these cases you have the right to work and the employer shall not have the right to detain you.
If you work for part time you can be fired according to article 288 of the labor code, if your place gets employee, which this type of activity will be the main form of employment. In this case, the employer must notify you in writing two weeks before the dismissal.
Under article 121 and 122 of the labour code you are required to pay compensation for unused leave days in proportion to time worked, which you didn't go on vacation. Holidays part-time workers shall not be less than 28 calendar days.
In addition to compensation for vacation, the employer is obliged to give full payment for all days worked unpaid, as well as all the documents. In accordance with the Labour code to obtain all that you need on the last working day.
If your workbook had been written about work in combination, as permitted under article 66 of the labour code according to your desire, you have to take this document main place of work and present it to the employer to record information about the dismissal. This will only be the case if the combination of external and main employment was with another employer.