You will need
  • -statement by employee
  • -order of dismissal
  • -calculation
  • -issuance of documents dismissed
The employee is unable to report about his desire to retire by telephone or by mail. Only his own written statement with his personal signature. The letter of resignation must be submitted two weeks prior to the intended date of dismissal. There are exceptions to this rule when the employee may write a statement, three days before the intended dismissal. It is those workers who are dismissed during the probationary period or has concluded the employment contract for seasonal or temporary work. This period is counted from the day following the submission of the application.
If the employer agrees to lay off a worker without a two-week tryout, you can do it only on application exit, indicating a valid reason why he cannot fulfill. If the employer wishes to dismiss without working, then he is entitled to demand a document confirming this cause. Failure to submit the document the employee is required to work for two weeks.
The termination of the employment contract shall be the next business day after the last waste. If you drop a weekend or a holiday, the first working day after them is considered the first day of dismissal.
In the first day release should be performed by the employee full payment, compensation for unused vacation days, to give the work book. Same day to issue an order of dismissal.
If the worker in day of dismissal for any reason is not available, the order of dismissal States that it is missing. The employee shall be notified of receipt of the calculation and on the need to pick up the work book. The calculation is given in the same day resigned employee.
If the employee decided to quit and started to work on a day that is considered a dismissal, and the employer does not alter this and issued the order of dismissal, the employment relationship is considered to be continued.
When the day, which is considered the day of dismissal, the calculation is not issued, the employee may apply to the labour Inspectorate. During the investigation and trial, the employer will pay the employee a simple average wage. Will additionally pay an administrative fine for delay calculation.