By entering into an employment contract with the employee, you should consider all the details of the subsequent dismissal. That is, for example, if you make relationship with a part-time basis for a period of time, then, of course, dismiss it prematurely, you have no right. In this case you will have to wait for the validity of a legal document.
Therefore, if you plan in the future to employ for this position a permanent employee, part-time better to sign a contract for an indefinite period.
The procedure for dismissal it does not differ much from dismissal are usually the employee. Remember that you can fire workers without his consent in the event that if in the future I wish to hire the employee full time. But it can be done in the case of the employment contract concluded for an indefinite period of time.
First, in writing, notify the workers about the termination of the employment contract. It must be done at least two weeks before the dismissal.
Remember that you have to pay him the remaining salary, compensation for unused vacation. It should be noted that the part-time worker is also entitled to annual paid leave with 28 days, and therefore compensation should be calculated on this basis.
Next, make the order for dismissal (form T-8), specify that the employee is a part-time basis. Then sign it and give it for review to the employee, he should also put his signature.
As a rule, on each employee hired is made personal card (form T-2). At dismissal make her mark. If you've done the entry in the employment record of employment, then dismissal, you should also make a mark in it.