For a start it is not necessary to forget that the 14 days that the authorities have the right to extend your "life" is not compulsory "testing", and the time that is given to the employer to find a replacement. And the employer has the right to decide he requires your presence. If you are not indispensable, without which the organization could not live a day, and you have a good relationship with the head – you can try as human to agree with him about the immediate signing of the order for dismissal.
If you agree to its workbook in two weeks, but would not want at this time to appear in the office – you can submit a letter of resignation and to go to the hospital. Days spent at the hospital, in this case, it is considered "used". In addition, you can first write an application for leave (regular or for your account) and immediately after the signing of the vacation resolution "to put on the table" superiors a resignation letter, indicating the date of dismissal to the date of the first working day after the holiday.
In the Russian labor legislation provides for cases when the employer cannot require the employee to stay at work for another two weeks. In particular, this is a violation of the conditions specified in the contract or violation of labor laws. For example, if you retain salary, you can safely write the statement "please fire me in violation of the terms of payment of wages". In this case, to fire you need on the day you specified in the statement.
In addition, be dismissed without testing you have the right in cases where for any objective reasons, are unable to continue working. It may be retirement, College enrollment, moving to another city in connection with the transfer of her husband-the soldier, the need to care for a seriously ill family member, and so on. Note that the transition to work in another organization in a number of such "valid reasons" is not included.