Under article No. 80 of the labour code any employee may terminate an employment contract, but to warn of its dissolution need two weeks, unless otherwise provided to other Federal law or the Labor Code.
Paid leave is available annually, can be taken after 6 months and may not be less than 14 calendar days, if he is divided, on its own initiative of the employee or due to special conditions of the production technology.
To dismiss an employee who is in regular paid leave only on his personally written and signed statement. Application by e-mail or other forms of communication can not be accepted.
A statement written by the employee, shall be submitted for resolution to the Director. It should be marked with the number which it is filed.
If the resignation letter submitted and signed before the start of the next holiday, the day of termination is the first day that an employee must return to work after a holiday.
When applying two weeks before the end of the vacation the day of the end of the employment relationship is also considered the first day after the holiday.
If the application is submitted later than two weeks before the end of vacation, the employee can bring to the simulation before the dismissal. But in each case it chooses the head of the company.
On the first day of the end of the employment relationship the employee is given full payment, documents. The same number of enterprise Manager releases the order of dismissal.
If the employee took leave earlier than the required 12 months, the amount that is overpaid for the extra vacation days is calculated from the total calculation at dismissal.