Remember that, by law, you are required to work a further 14 days if he insists on it, boss. During this time the employer must find a replacement, and you, in turn, to transfer the duties to another person or a new employee. Try to talk to management and explain the reason why you should immediately leave the place of work. If you have a good relationship with the boss, he can go forward and not leave you practicing. Try also to speed up the search for your replacement will apply, recommend to management friends who are looking for work, arrange with colleagues on the temporary transfer of your responsibilities, etc.
Take advantage of some tricks provided by law, if the boss is unwilling to let you go ahead of time. Immediately after applying go to the hospital, and then you can not appear in the work within the desired time. These days it still will be considered "used". Alternatively, write a letter of resignation for the next holiday, or at their own expense. However, in this case, the dismissal date shall be the first working day after the holiday.
Refer to the other amendments in the labour legislation provides an opportunity not to stay at work the extra two weeks. Think of all of the terms of the employment contract comply with the superiors for your work. For example, in case of payment default, violation of labor regulations, etc. you have the right to write a resignation letter with indication of reasons. In this case, you will be able to leave work on day of dismissal if the management finds your complaint valid.
Try to give up two weeks of testing in connection with an emergency situation, such as urgent relocation to another city, illness of a relative, College enrollment, or retirement. The user can go to the meeting and to meet with you under certain conditions.