To deactivate and activate the service "Weather" subscribers of the operator "Beeline" can use the control system that is on the official website This system helps to manage not only the service "Weather", and many others. In addition, you will be able to change your tariff plan, to block the SIM card, make an order detail account and so on. True to log in to the self service system you need a USSD-command *110*9#. As soon as you send the request, you will receive a text message with a login and temporary password (login - mobile phone number in ten-digit format).
Disable unneeded services: "Weather" subscribers "Beeline" can also make using the service "Mobile consultant". This informer available on number 0611 (toll-free). The consultant is also multifunctional: you can not only manage services, but also to know the status of the personal account, the settings of your tariff plan, its features. To get detailed information about "Mobile consultant" in a special section of the site operator.
You can use another menu to deactivate the service. To do this simply dial the USSD-*111#. It will be available, by the way, not only in the home network but also while roaming. Subscribing to the service and use of them are free. Activation of new services or changes in the tariff will be charged separately in accordance with the rates.
Other mobile operators also provide a service weather and allow you to disable it. If you are a subscriber of "MTS", then deactivate the service through the "Internet Assistant", located on the official website. The users of the network "Megaphone" is suggested to visit the site and there disable the service via a service called "Mobile subscriptions". To learn about the weather, but also to obtain interesting and new information about many other subscribers of "MegaFon" can use service "Mobile subscriptions". Ways of activation/deactivation you can find on the site