Before you start to wash any clothes of any fabric, be sure to turn it inside out.
Wash clothing that is exposed to the appearance of spots, not the usual dry powder and liquid detergent. Best buy gel for washing of dark and black Laundry.
After washing, thoroughly rinse the clothes by hand, to thoroughly wash the detergent, soap or any other detergent. If you prefer automatic manual rinsing, set the extra rinse programme. Rinse at least three times.
Dry clothes where stains can appear only in a horizontal position. Thus, you will protect it from the numerous streaks, which, in fact, are the cause of stains on the fabric. For horizontal dry enough to spread washed clothes in the dryer. If there is no dryer, you can use any other plane, a table, for example. Spread on the table towel and gently press on it thing. Don't forget to spread all kinds of folds. In addition, when drying the Laundry is on the dryer must from time to time to flip it for more effective ventilation.
If you notice the light stains on dried clothes almost immediately asterite their dishwashing detergent. Can apply a little stain remover, leaving clothes like this for a few minutes. Then peristerite her usual way. After washing several times to rinse the clothes.
Do not hammer the washing machine dirty Laundry before giving up. Crowded clothing sticks one on top of another, twisted, not being able to rotate freely in the drum of the machine during washing and rinsing. As a result of things not only lose their shape, they still demonstrate the tremendous amount of bright marks from not well washed detergent.