Advice 1: How to whiten synthetics

A good hostess all tends to make ideal, and in the house it clean and all sorts of Goodies zagotovlen, and all things perestirannye Yes over-ironed. In short, everything and everywhere in time. But sometimes in life there are unforeseen circumstances, for example, on your favorite white synthetic blouse did not wash out the stain. Can I save this thing?
How to whiten synthetics
You will need
  • blouse, container, water, bleaching agent "Lily" soap.
Sasteria the stain in warm water, using soap.
Add to capacity with ten liters of warm water (temperature should not exceed fifty degrees) two full tablespoons of bleaching agent. Give him a good stir.
Dip in a solution of synthetic blouse with a stain and leave it there for fifteen minutes.
Remove the shirt and rinse in clean water.
Because the fibers are synthetic fibers made from petrochemical products, products made of this fabric if used in their pure form, as a rule, do not require bleaching. Another thing, if synthetic fibers combined with fibers of natural origin (for example, polyester with cotton). In this case, without bleaching can not do. Ideal for the bleaching of fabrics with synthetic and natural fibers is hydrogen peroxide. This substance is part Vanish, as well as SMS. Therefore, the use of these bleaching agents will help you to solve the problem of yellowing of the fabric.
Do not use to bleach synthetic fabrics, chlorine bleach! It will ruin the fabric. However, over time, synthetic products white color can yellow, the result of a photochemical reaction, which occurs under the influence of sunlight, such a reaction occurring in synthetic fibers, serves as evidence that the fibers of the fabric are active processes of aging. If something similar is happening with your favorite blouse, don't despair, perhaps all is not hopeless. To mask the yellowing will help tools intended for washing, which is based on the optical brighteners.

Advice 2: How to bleach the white stuff

No matter how careful you are, things will sooner or later lose its original color. So the question is, how to bleach white things relevant in our time. For guaranteed results should include items to the dry cleaners. However, there are other, more affordable methods.
How to bleach the white stuff

At home to whiten white clothes without the use of special substances and methods, if you follow some simple guidelines:

  • The white stuff should be washed separately. Otherwise, they will become colors other tissues.
  • All things are made of different materials. Cotton, synthetic or linen require different modes.
  • Before washing should be soaked stuff.
  • Check the condition of drain the washing machine. If it is clogged, rinse things will be ineffective. This will appear on the spot.

How to whiten faded things

Often in the wash with white things can get a ticket, a banknote, the wrapper from the candy, etc. because Of these seemingly insignificant items of clothes shed. Therefore, to rid it of stains will be more difficult.

To whiten such things, you can use the cleanser accidentally painted items. It is sold in specialty stores and in mass use. Consider the material of the product.

But the cotton will clean any bleach. Fit the usual white. Dissolve it in cool water and soak items for 30 minutes. If your washing machine has a mode of "Pre-wash", activate it before the main procedure. If the machine is gone, you can boil the linen in water with addition of soap. The procedure lasts about an hour.

How to whiten poserevshie things

People who need to whiten the white stuff at home, often want to save articles from the dullness. The most affordable and best tools are hydrogen peroxide and pharmacy ammonia:

  1. Fill the basin 10 l boiled water.
  2. Dissolve in the liquid 2 tablespoons of peroxide and alcohol.
  3. Soak jewelry in the solution for half an hour.
  4. Drain the water and wash things in the usual way.

Hydrogen peroxide can replace baking soda. However, to soak things in 30 minutes and at 3-4 hours. Thus it is necessary to take 5 liters of water.

How to bleach a wool and linen garments at home

To deliver silk and woolen items from yellow and other stains, add to water, alcohol and peroxide large white salt. 1 tbsp of rubbing alcohol and peroxide, you need 4 tbsp of the spice. Keep linen in a solution need 2-3 hours.

For linen things only need soda ash. Pour it in the washing machine. The water temperature should be between 70 OC.

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