You will need
  • blouse, container, water, bleaching agent "Lily" soap.
Sasteria the stain in warm water, using soap.
Add to capacity with ten liters of warm water (temperature should not exceed fifty degrees) two full tablespoons of bleaching agent. Give him a good stir.
Dip in a solution of synthetic blouse with a stain and leave it there for fifteen minutes.
Remove the shirt and rinse in clean water.
Because the fibers are synthetic fibers made from petrochemical products, products made of this fabric if used in their pure form, as a rule, do not require bleaching. Another thing, if synthetic fibers combined with fibers of natural origin (for example, polyester with cotton). In this case, without bleaching can not do. Ideal for the bleaching of fabrics with synthetic and natural fibers is hydrogen peroxide. This substance is part Vanish, as well as SMS. Therefore, the use of these bleaching agents will help you to solve the problem of yellowing of the fabric.