The method by which you can regain the color of your favorite clothes, depends on its color. So pre-faded sort things into several lots.
Start with blue and red fabrics. Rinse them in water, in which pre-dissolve ordinary baking soda in the proportions of 1 tablespoon to 1 liter.
Clothes of pale colors (beige, cream, brown) wash and rinse.
Then put in a solution made from tea infuser. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, adjust the strength of the decoction. If desired, this procedure machine tights, achieving a more saturated hue.
To return the color pink tissues, pour in the water to rinse the ammonia. If the clothes are blue or pale-red color requires updating, add a little vinegar.
In that case, if faded clothing that was embroidered with thread, soak it in water, in which pre-dissolve 2 teaspoons plain salt (per 1 liter).
After that, wash it with soap and water at room temperature. Be sure to dry the clothes and iron. Do it on the reverse side.
Black fabric require an individual approach. Before the last rinse add water, a little salt or a solution of tobacco. You can do it in the following manner: 15 grams of tobacco dilute a liter of boiled water. After washing, wipe all the things brush dipped in the same solution. A similar effect is achieved with a decoction of walnut shell. Oddly enough, but the ink is diluted in water to rinse is also able to bring black clothes to its former color.
Of course, many may frighten such advice. If you do not want to gamble, just put your favorite clothes at your nearest workshop. There, specialists quickly and efficiently will help to return your clothes to their former color.