You will need
  • Bleach, stain remover "Antilen", medical alcohol, citric acid, salt, potato starch, powder for stubborn stains, ammonia.
If faded spots appeared on the white stuff, use bleach. Simply add to a bowl of hot water and immerse the garment. Leave for 20 minutes. Then remove and rinse thoroughly. For washing coloured articles, use a stain remover, such as "Vanish".
Wash faded thing with a special powder - "Antalina". You can buy it in hardware store or large supermarket. Dissolve the powder in warm water and soak the clothes. After 15-20 minutes wash and rinse thoroughly. "Antalina" you can wash even the coloreds.
Use rubbing alcohol for removing faded stains from colored fabrics. In a bowl pour warm water and add the alcohol - 100 ml per 2 liters of liquid. Soak the tainted garment in the solution for 1 hour. After this time rinse the thing under running water and wash as usual.
Take 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of potato starch, citric acid and detergent for stubborn stains. Mix thoroughly and add a small amount of warm water to make a slurry. Turn garment to wrong side and apply the mixture on the faded spots. Leave in this condition for 12 hours. After rinse treated areas with running water, wash with highly active powder.
Soak the clothes in a hot solution of ammonia. To do this, take a large container, pour in it hot water and add 100 ml of liquid ammonia. Soak the item in the solution for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse several times in running water.
If at home, you are unable to print faded stains, contact a cleaning. Professionals will handle the ruined clothes with special preparations, which spoil the appearance of the product and effectively remove dirt.