The first rule that you must remember is that to erase the white stuff apart from color you need. In addition, it is also important to wash separately the items of linen and cotton from synthetic or wool. If you prefer to wash in the washing machine, to the usual washing powder is recommended to add a special powder bleach. It is also also called "power washing powder." It is also possible to pre-wash to add a small amount of liquid bleach. Currently available a lot of a variety of bleaches.
If you are opposed to the use of chemical whiteners, try to use folk remedies. However it is also not recommended to apply the most effective but also the most aggressive "method of the grandmother". It relates to boiling blouses in a saucepan with the addition of "White". After this blouse will be white, but the fabric it will quickly wear out. There are more gentle ways.
Pour in a bucket of hot water. Add to it a little potassium permanganate. Water should buy a little pink. Then add about 200 grams of washing powder. In a bucket you need to put already washed the blouse. Close it all with plastic wrap. You need to wait when the water is completely cool. Then thoroughly rinse the product.
In addition, the white stuff can be easily bleached using hydrogen peroxide. Pour 2 litres of warm water. Add in a container of three-percent hydrogen peroxide, about one teaspoon. You can also add a little soda ash. Place in the resulting solution a white blouse for 15-20 minutes. So there was a uniform bleaching, it is recommended to periodically stir.
The white stuff, if they are made of cotton or linen, before washing, soak them for a couple of hours in the water, which is added in a small amount with the addition of ammonia.