Don't try to change your partner to alter in favor of you. If, for example, the husband expresses a willingness to make love every day, and a couple times a week or even less frequently, it does not mean that he lost interest. Every man has their needs, which also impact stress at work, environmental atmosphere, Smoking and alcohol, and even computer games.
Find out more about the desires of her husband. It does not hesitate to offer him to watch an adult film, and let the choice he makes. If the husband refuses to share this sight with you, slowly find out what grown-up video saved it in your computer. Only after this do not immediately jump on her man with the accusations and draw conclusions. He's looking at something that secretly wants. This can be a story about a slutty tigress the latex or, conversely, an innocent-looking nymphet in white socks. Take these images on the arms and try to put them in bed at the first opportunity.
Representatives of the stronger sex, even the masculine, love is not only the process of love but also a prelude to it. Especially if this prelude can be arranged for you. Try to diversify your nights with erotic massage using special oils, buy in an adult store a variety of accessories in the form of feathers for stroking, creams and oils for stimulation. Don't be afraid to take the initiative.