One of the main secrets on how to pleasure a man in bed says: try to understand the tendencies, needs and desires of your beloved. For example, there are humble men who usually prefer a slow, but passionate sex, filled with strong feelings and love. More energetic and determined men are inherent hard and fast rhythm in bed, and they would not come to the delight from the partner that can do it all slowly.
Another secret of pleasing men in bed is to close the communication before sex. Don't hesitate to talk with your spouse on intimate topics, but rather, periodically encourage him to share with you my desires and fantasies. Periodically, the man starts to want something different from their women, and if she'll understand it and be able to translate into reality, he will feel very happy.
The next trick is a experimentation. Don't be afraid to offer a partner something new in sex and periodically review training materials on the Internet or bookstores. Maybe you or your man will find your hidden interests that can bring to your sex life even more desire and passion.
Do not practice sex on a schedule. Making love on certain days quickly turned into a routine, which gradually begins to be perceived as ordinary everyday activities. Because of this, the partners eventually begin to avoid proximity under various pretexts. An ideal opportunity for intimacy when both partners or at least one of them want it. So choose a convenient time and take the initiative in their hands. If a man suddenly "put you against the wall", don't deny him the pleasure and you.
The environment also includes the secrets on how to pleasure a man in bed. Even if your bed is comfortable, gradually it becomes too familiar place. Try to go to another room or to slightly change the situation, for example by putting scented candles and turning on relaxing music. If possible, periodically get out of the house and discover new places. For example, they can become beautiful room in a hotel or even a foreign resort, where your senses will sparkle with new colors, and the desire for intimacy and pleasure will be many times more intense.