Discuss "forbidden" topics is considered tactless and indecent. Hence the tightness of the bed. And even if the partner will do everything wrong, it would be awkward to send in the right direction. This psychological constraint leads to the imitation of orgasm, lack of satisfaction in sexual life. Task of partners is to learn to have fun in bed. This can be achieved if you will find psychological contact with each other. In a calm confidential environment to discuss thoughts and desires, talk with your partner about what he wants in sex, how wants to implement it, and what it needs.
Stiffness in the sex – a fairly common problem newcomers, inexperienced boys and girls. If your partner is of those, help him, try to direct, to teach, gently supporting. If you are inexperienced in love, engage in self-education. Written many manuals and books of fiction. Naturally, the stiffness is gradually overcome and in the process often "practical training". Interesting "immodest" option – together to watch a porn film.
Invite the shy partner an active role. If you are always in bed was leading, at least once switch roles. If you always covered the stiffness at the sight of a naked partner, try to take his dominant role, cease to be a slave. It helps to overcome shyness and restraint in sex. Tell me lover/Oh, what are you willing to do what it wants. If some of them will seem unpleasant or unacceptable, do not be afraid to speak directly about it. So you will achieve harmony in sex.
One of the reasons for embarrassment in bed are worrying about imperfections of their body. Stop worrying. Your partner sees you as a whole. Remember how he looks at you, how he wants you as you are dear to him. Obviously, your flaws, he just doesn't notice, because there is no reason for you to feel embarrassed about them. Otherwise, if you can't overcome natural shyness about excess weight, flaws on the body, etc., then it's time to change. Pull yourself together, sit on a diet, work out, consult a doctor. Most likely, the cause is to be corrected one way or another, and this will allow you to love and accept yourself.