Bother unobtrusive. Men hate scheduling sex or marital debt. They don't like when they are under pressure or force them to have sex. Pressure and persistence Express themselves. The woman need to work smarter. You probably know all the erotic stimuli that turned him on. Try to casually display them like you and to think did not think about sex.
Get his attention. If your spouse comes home from work tired and the last thing he can think about is sex. Talk to him, ask about the day. Tasty to feed. It needs to emotionally relax, to feel your warmth. And then intimate conversation could flow into sex.
Offer him a massage. Without any intimacy. Many men come to life from physical contact. Give him a neck massage, the head. Can offer to massage his back. Use a gentle motion, do not attempt to be a chiropractor. It should be a relaxing massage with very soft touches.
Use his favorite fetishes. In order to apply them in seducing, you must know them. Some men gets beautiful lingerie, other – dirty talk with Mat. If he likes in bed to do something specific, can you hint at what you have today it has a special mood.
Leave him unable to retreat. Seducing women should be unobtrusive and delicate. If you see that he is not ready for intimacy, it is better to move it to another day. Men are harder to deny women, and sex from obligations they carry worse the weaker sex. If you see my husband is a complete lack of interest in sex today, stop in their game.