If you have to open the sick-list is relevant evidence, call the local doctor on a house or emergency room (not to be confused with the ambulance that sick leave does not give).
If you are not at home (e.g., visiting), you can call the house doctor from the local hospital, and he can also open you the sick list. However, to close it anyway in the clinic by place of residence, unless you decide to attach to the one from which they called the doctor. For this there is an appropriate procedure.
In General, you are now entitled to go to the doctor in any clinic (under the pretext that you are visiting, or temporarily residing in another district, city, etc.), and there you can write sick leave, not only the local doctor or other specialist, e.g. a cardiologist.
On the certificate the doctor will indicate the date of the next inspection. If you went to the doctor at the specified time, it may prolong the hospital the same doctor that opened his or a doctor in your clinic.
So to open the sick list now easy, more difficult to close and receive the money from the employer. There are a lot of formalities: the hospital must be completed by the doctor properly, on the cell without patches. Before I was allowed two fixes now. The second part of the sheet fills your employer, who can fix something, but also needs to fit into the desired number of cells, and correction to write on the back, assuring them of the seal and signature of the accountant and the Manager.
Money is at the hospital now calculated by a complex scheme. Three day fully, then depending on your length of service and average earnings over the last two years. If you have experience less than 5 years, will receive only 60% of average earnings, if the experience more than 5 years – 80%, and if more 8 – 100%.