What is sick leave

Hospital sheet, or a sheet of temporary disability is issued to the citizen of the medical facility where he sought medical assistance. This may be a municipal hospital or clinic and pay the clinic that has the right to prescribe sick leaves.

The order in which issued sheets of temporary disability, approved by the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation No. 514 from 01.08.2007 G. it also shows the method of issuance and registration, negotiated terms, which may be granted sick leave.

Basic information that contains sick leave:
- surname, name and patronymic of the patient;
- the full name of his place of work;
- name of institution that issued the sick leave certificate;
code of the disease;
start date of illness and date of discharge;
- the date from which the patient can get to work (usually the day after the closure of sick leave or Monday, if the sheet was closed on Friday);
- surname and initials of the doctor that issued the sick list, his signature;
- signature of the chief doctor of the medical institution.

How to write sick leave in the clinic

After feeling unwell you can call home the district doctor of a polyclinic at the place of residence, if you reach it yourself, you can not. The doctor will examine you, will set a date for your next visit or will invite you to come to the clinic to see him in a few days when you'll be able to go outside. On the day of his first visit he was "open" hospital sheet and fill it your details and indicating the date of onset of the disease. After the course of treatment and recovered, you this sheet will receive on hands. The date of issuance it will put the doctor, and you will just have to give it in a special window, where it will be stamped by the clinic.

In the case where, despite poor health, you can walk to the clinic at the place of residence or to the one that serves your enterprise for the contract of medical insurance, you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor. After examination, the doctor will write you a sick leave. If you want, you can even get his hands on immediately, but it will be valid only after the doctor closed, indicating the date of the last admission. The employer has no right to demand you have a list of disability at that time, he has not yet closed, but you are required to report to work on their illness and impending absence.