The physician may close a medical certificate if the patient insists on the closure, but not in all cases. In some types of diseases sick leave you will be closed only after all the necessary examinations.
At the closure of the hospital sheet, if you are sick of infectious diseases dangerous to people around you, it will be closed only after laboratory researches. Physician must ensure that the danger to the health of others you are no longer.
If you began treatment in a health care facility, and continued and finished in another, then the sick leave shall be closed in the institution where you recovered.
Being on sick leave, you can ask the doctor about it closing, if you need to rent it for charging money. In this case, the doctor notes in the document that the sick leave is closed with the subsequent issuance of another certificate of incapacity. At a private sick leave is a personal seal of the doctor, as well as the triangular and stamp. At the same time issued the new hospital.
If you are in a hospital, hospital list, you can close at the time of discharge from hospital. If needed, complete treatment at home hospital sheet covers the doctor of your clinics.
If you work on multiple companies you have to write a few sick leaves. In the graph indicate the place of work is written with the main work or work part-time. In this case, to close the sick-list is necessary on each form. Affixed personal seal of the doctor, triangular print and stamp.