You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of employment;
  • - the act of the Commission.
If you have lost a hospital sheet or it came in poor condition, you can recover the document, turning to the doctor.
To restore sick leave shall present a passport, certificate of employment that you will give in accounting. The certificate must be issued on a unified form of the enterprise, have a rectangular and an official stamp indicating the full name of your company, the signature of the chief accountant and the head. The document should indicate that sick leave for payment to the accounting were filed.
In connection with the loss of the hospital sheet will create a Commission consisting of a chief and attending physician, the representative of the registry, responsible for the issuance of sick leave. Each clinic keeps strict accounting issued by the hospital sheets, recording all in the journal. Every piece of disability has a number, which is not repeated. The number, date of issuance, the onset of the disease, re-visiting the doctor recorded in your patient file, so to confirm the issue the lost the sick sheet will not be easy.
Under the act the Commission presented documents, records in logbook and medical card you will be given a copy, which will set the total period of your illness, that is, all records of a subsequent visit to the doctor, the duplicate is not indicated. Fits only the start date of illness and date of closure of hospital sheet. If at the time of your application sick leave is not closed, then the doctor will make any dates for your return visit.
Duplicate hospital sheet is the same document as the main piece of disability that you have lost. You will make him pay for all sick days in full accordance with the General rules.