You will need
  • - sick leave;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - payroll;
  • - regulations on the minimum wage;
  • - handle;
  • - the seal of the enterprise;
  • calculator.
The front side of the disability sheet employee fills out a medical professional who enter the surname, name, patronymic of a person, the name of the organization the main place of work (if a citizen there are several, so working part-time). The doctor who had treated the employee, enter the start date and end date of hospital, the number of calendar days of incapacity for work, the name of the disease puts a personal signature, indicating the position title, your surname, initials. Sick leave must be certified by the seal of the medical institution.
The downside presented by the employee of a leaf of invalidity fills the personnel officer. Specify the name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents or a surname, name, patronymic of a physical person, if the legal form of the company is a sole proprietorship. Enter the name of the structural unit, which employs the employee, office held, in accordance with the staffing level and personnel number, in accordance with the personal card of the employee.
Indicate the dates of employee absences in the workplace, and the release date of his work. Authority to sign certificates of incapacity for work have the Department Manager and the timekeeper (cadre). Write the number of years, months, days of insurance specialist, depending on which calculated the benefit paid to the employee in the enterprise.
Enter the surname, name, patronymic of a person, the percentage of salary for a certain number of calendar days of temporary disability. Disability benefits depend on the insurance experience. If it is less than 5 years, the benefit is equal to 50% of salary if from 5 till 8 years – 80 %, more than 8 years - 100 %.
Calculate the average daily earnings of the employee for a certain period. The amount of the actual earnings multiply by the number of actual days.
Calculate the average daily allowance of a specialist, depending on the insurance period, its maximum size depending on the minimum wage. Sick leave the employer must pay in an amount not less than the established minimum wage in the region.
Specify the amount of the benefits payable with funds of your enterprise of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation. Adding the above amounts, enter the total amount of the issuance. Sign the certificate of incapacity signed by the chief accountant and the date of filling.