If the reports are not, or the employee does not have seniority in the billing period, the allowance is calculated on the basis of the available information for the employer. If the certificate will be presented later calculation of benefits, the possible recalculation.
Employees who have earnings for 6 months or more, should be paid an allowance based on the amount of actual earnings, which was withheld income tax, divided by the number of actual calendar days in the calculation period. If the calculation showed that the actual average daily amount received is less than the calculation based on the minimum wage, the benefit need to pay by calculating with the minimum wage.
All employees who do not have experience of 6 months is necessary to calculate the minimum wage at the time of calculation of benefits. For that amount minimum wage should be divided by the average number of calendar days 29.4. The resulting number should be multiplied by the number of days of temporary disability and multiply by 60% because 60% is charged when you experience less than 5 years.
If the benefit is awarded for care of child up to 15 years, while the inpatient treatment need to pay all days of care as set forth above, and for outpatient only 10 days of care, starting from the 11th day. The calculation of the payment goes to the amount of 50%, regardless of length. That is, the average daily amount of the minimum wage must be multiplied by 60% and 50%.
Sick pay and maternity leave is accrued at the rate of 100 average earnings. Therefore, women who have no earnings during the calculation period, equal to 24 months, the calculation must be made or the average daily earnings for the actual period of work if the experience above 6 months, or based on the minimum wage, with seniority of less than 6 months, or if the actual calculation shows a smaller average amount than on the basis of the minimum wage.
To calculate the benefits you need the amount of the minimum wage divided by the average number of calendar days (29,4) and multiply by the number of days sick leave sheet on pregnancy and childbirth in singletons 140, in multiple – 196.