On the temperature the sheet has two scales. On the vertical scale are indicated by the indicators of body temperature (35 to 42 degrees). On the horizontal scale reflects the date and time of measurement. To construct the temperature curve, the patient must measure the temperature twice a day (morning and evening) in the same hours. The results of the measurements are recorded in the control sheet.
You should then put points daily readings of the thermometer against the corresponding values. Combining them, you get a broken line temperature curve. Fill the sheet temperature should be daily after each temperature measurement.
In addition to the information about the temperature case, the temperature of the sheet may contain the results of other observations of the patient's condition. It may be pulse rate and respiration, blood pressure, the amount of consumed and secreted fluids. In addition, this document may include details of the activities to care for patients (chart change of clothes, hygiene baths, other special procedures).
There is a standard form temperature of the sheet. Her pulse, respiration, blood pressure designations are indicated opposite the vertical scale. Other figures seen in the lower part of the temperature of the sheet under the temperature curve.
Some hospitals use other forms of temperature sheet, different from the standard. They may reflect more or fewer indicators. The temperature of the sheet is stored in the patient history and the physician a valuable source of information, because the nature of the change of teeth chart, their size can clarify the diagnosis make a prognosis of the disease and prescribe appropriate medication or to appoint additional examination.