Contact the clinic by place of residence, take a pass on visiting a therapist. Visit a therapist, complain to health problems. The therapist will prescribe you the direction to the registry or referred to a specialist, is in charge of your disease. After inspection and diagnosis take doctor and go to the reception Desk where you will get sick leave, which you close, when I get better.
If you are not able to reach the clinic, call GP or specialist (e.g., neurologist) on the house. Call the clinic or ask them to call the doctor somebody from the family (if possible). After the initial examination, the physician (or other specialist, called for the house will issue a certificate and direction in the registry, which you will be able to access sick leave if the doctor will prescribe you the time of admission directly in the clinic. If you are in the course of disease will not be able to leave the house, in which case sick leave will be given to you by a medical Commission doctor.
According to the decision of the medical Commission you may be extended the validity of the ballot if the doctor sent you to therapy in the state sanatoriums, dispensaries, or to the resorts belonging to the Department of the health Ministry.
If you had contact with infectious patients, immediately contact your doctor or doctor-infectious disease doctor who will give you a ballot at the time of the quarantine. The validity periods of sick leave are determined only by infection disease doctor, depending on the timing of isolation of the sick, with whom you had contact.
If your child is ill, then get the newsletter from the pediatrician, watching the course of the disease your kid, you will be able only in case if the child attends kindergarten.
If one of your family members has been declared incapacitated, will receive sick leave from the physician of your relative.
Remember that even if you are currently unemployed, the doctor can also issue you a sheet of temporary disability. But for this you need to be registered in the service for labor and employment by place of residence.