You will need
  • - passport;
  • - insurance;
  • - the insurance pension certificate.
To obtain sick leave due to illness, contact your local doctor to the clinic. On the basis of the inspection will prescribe sick leave, which is registered in the registry of medical institutions. You will need to present a passport, medical insurance, pension insurance certificate.
Each time you visit a doctor you will make a mark on the prolongation of a hospital leaf. You must visit the doctor at the appointed time. If you do not observe the time of the visit or violates the prescribed mode of treatment, in sick leave can make a note on violation of the regime, which will significantly reduce your temporary disability benefits.
As soon as you make a full recovery, the doctor will close the sick list. You put rectangular and official stamp on the document, after which you will be able to return it to the company's accounting Department for the calculation of social benefits for temporary disability.
If you are unable to contact the clinic yourself, call the house doctor or the ambulance. Based on your inspection, or if placed in hospital will be discharged to sick leave.
To obtain sick leave in case of injury, contact TRAVMPUNKT. You will hold the necessary tests, prescribe treatment and arrange sick leave. Closed sick leave after your full recovery as soon as the doctor released you to work.
If necessary, care for children up to 14 years old you also have the right to issue the sick list. To receive sick leave, contact with a child in a children's clinic, call the house doctor or the ambulance. On the basis of your treatment in a medical establishment will prescribe sick leave to care for a child. For its registration you'll need your passport, medical insurance child pension insurance certificate of the child.