Try to observe the Golden mean. Young people don't like too restrained, sandwiched girls. But just as they don't like when she behaves thoughtlessly, carelessly. Be yourself, be natural. Don't be nervous, you will not eat.
Try to see your behavior, tone was not anything like the arrogance, disdain. Guys can let girls, but they are not forgiven.
Remember that young people have very different interests than girls. If you want, so it was interesting to you, try to bring information about him. Find out what his Hobbies and interests. Strike up a conversation on the subject, which is close to him, not you. It is pointless to try to interest the guy, arguing, for example, about shopping, fashion or gossiping, who fell in love with your girlfriend Dora.
Don't forget that guys hate inherent in many of the fairer sex style conversation "to beat around the Bush", constantly stumbling on some minor or even irrelevant details. For girls there is nothing strange, especially reprehensible, and a young man comes in strong irritation how you can wander around in broad daylight, really hard to get straight to the point. So try to say it briefly, clearly, without distraction. It may be difficult for you, but necessary. You hang out with a guy and not with friends.
Try to talk less and listen more to the young man. Look carefully at the guy, sometimes ask probing questions. Don't forget about sign language, about the miraculous power of the warm and sincere smiles. Your task is to make sure that the guy was nice, comfortable in your society. Then surely your first conversation will not be the last.