What you need to prepare before emotional conversation with a guy?

If you decide to openly discuss some problems with her boyfriend, you have to understand that the purpose of your conversation is not imposing guy's ideas, positions and points of view, but just the publicity of his opinions. Very often people have their own beliefs regarding a particular situation and another way of looking at things for them is rarely acceptable. That is why you should prepare for the fact that your interlocutor would react with indifference to your thoughts, and you have to be powerful arguments to prove his innocence, as well as iron nerves and patience.

If you want to achieve something from your lover, you need to make sure that he himself wanted to do it. Give the kid some space and think what to say to him, so that he realized the necessity of an action.

How to build a sincere conversation with a guy?

The most difficult will be it to start your conversation. It is best if you select a suitable place and time when your young man will be in a good mood. If your conversation will touch on serious and important topics, you should not wait for the good mood of your beloved, and neutral, otherwise you risk to get negative emotions from his side for ruining a day that started so well.

Start the conversation with what you need to talk, and to start a conversation it is better not accusatory phrases, which will only be the word "you", and to voice their experiences and feelings. For peace dialogue, is more appropriate pronoun "we."

Do not try to convey to your lover how bad it is. If you are not satisfied with something, don't splash out on the guy that negativity. It would be much better if you tell him that you are very happy with him, that he is the best, but there are some things that bother you, and you may would like to change.

Not to say a huge monologue speech. Give your young person to Express their point of view and explain their behavior and their actions. You may be able to come to a consensus much faster than you expected.

Prepare to be that your conversation will not bring a fleeting solution to all problems, and will only give you a ground for reflection. Any problem must be understood, so ask your mate to think seriously about what you said, and eventually return to the conversation.