The most difficult moment – the first word. Before you start the conversation, give a cute object of your affection sincere smile. And it is possible that he will take the initiative and try to meet you.
To please and attract someone, you must pick an interesting topic. No matter how banal was the first sentence in the conversation you can always turn to the conversationit person. In almost any situation it is appropriate to talk about the weather, latest developments in the country and the world, novelties of the film industry. But the most interesting for men the theme is himself. Try to catch hold of some phrase and translate the conversation for him.
During the interview, observe the interviewee. This is necessary in order to understand, boring him or not. Will help you body language. If the look of a man wandering on top of you, or directed toward, the pupils of the eyes narrowed, it means he is bored. In this case, immediately tear off his monologue, name the person by their name and ask a personal question.
What to talk about costs and what not? Men love to talk about themselves, but only about victories, not defeats. Not worth anything to ask if a new acquaintance recently lost his job, he had problems due to divorce or illness. Such topics can be addressed only with close friends. Also they don't like it when the woman from the first minutes of the meeting starts to share their problems. Hardly a man, which yet you do not know will rush to "save" a stranger.
To support the conversation, tell us about your experience in a particular area, in question. Remember, however, that the dialogue involves two – let the other person a chance to speak. To the conversationit man, you can ask him about the details of the events, learn about it.
On the ability of time to complete the interview often determines the future of your Dating. The interlocutor should be left in such condition that he was eager to continue the conversation. Thank him for the chat and tell me what you need to leave. Most likely, a new friend will offer to exchange phone numbers. Leaving, finally, turn around and smile at him.