Men are known to love eyes. Maybe you're a good talker, but don't neglect its appearance. Yes, smart women also does not hurt the ability to dress stylishly. Update your wardrobe, get a haircut – change in the appearance always attract the eye. Grooming – a strong female trump card.
Flirt! So you will understand that it is ready to go on contact. Flirting does not mean your easy accessibility, it has nothing to do with vulgar, nevertheless not binding. Smile, keep the conversation on fun topics, show that you girl is a holiday, and with you easily.
Parties do not sit modestly in the corner, simply because in the opinion of friends, your waist thin enough, and my eyebrows are not plucked according to the latest fashion. Doesn't really matter how good you are, in terms of modern standards. Beauty is subjective, and in a relationship with a man important to establish communitiy, and not display unavailable charms, not knowing how to hold a conversation.
Take the first step. Contrary to popular belief the female initiative is often taken by men to cheer. No shame in going to ask any guy out on a date, to Express their sympathy.
Talking with men about what they are interested in. Women are often guilty of the fact that all the attention is focus on yourself. Baubles excellent knowledge of issues that concern the stronger sex. The political situation in Russia and the world, the exchange securities, the results of football matches, automotive news – may you not be difficult to keep the conversation on these topics.
To attract the attention of the stronger sex, do not need to have any special skills, as the authors of articles in glossy magazines. Connect your natural magnetism, it has every woman. Be open, friendly and confident, men are sure to appreciate it.