You will need
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Try to make the boys respect you. This feeling should be the basis of their relationship to you. For this, first of all, you need to foster respect for self. Be confident, don't react to stupid jokes, don't let boys treat you frivolously or familiar. However, the arrogance in this case is not acceptable because it will only alienate you from others. Communicate with peers with dignity, but without the snobbery.
Do not make friends with those who you really don't like. In childhood and adolescence arise first feelings and novels. Don't be afraid to refuse the boys who did not cause you liking. Learn to say "no": it will bring you many benefits in the future.
If you want to fit in with the boys, not necessarily to share all their "male" Hobbies. Enough to respect what they are addicted to, and cheer for them at sporting events, interested in music and films they like. Be an open and friendly person, but don't forget that you are a girl.
Try to make the boys feel a real man next to you. At this age it's pretty simple, because for teenagers is very important the approval of others, recognition by others of their positive qualities. Be weak, ask for help and protection, if necessary. Cheer for their victories, support in difficult undertakings, and in any case, do not humiliate, especially when we are talking about physical strength.