Gather your thoughts and relax. On the eve of the date and scroll to the head of the most common topics that can carry on a casual conversation. This will help you avoid awkward silences, and you will easily be able to steer the conversation in the right direction. Do not overdo it, trying to make the man the impression and appear better than you really are. Also, do not need to lead the conversation. Your talk should be a pleasant dialogue, not your monologue to any of the revelations. But to sit like a fool and nod after every sentence your partner is also not necessary.
In any case do not agree on a date, if you have any problems, much less discuss them with new friends and don't ask him for advice. He doesn't need your problems. And if a man will listen to you and then only out of politeness.
Don't talk to a man on the first date, sickness, money, your and his sex life, past men and relationships with them, etc.
Try to listen more than to speak. And do so very carefully, paying attention to any detail, the spokesman said.
Don't try for one evening to talk about yourself too much: where you live, with whom, where you work, where you learn, etc. You should be interested in the man, and if you is fully revealed, he will quickly lose interest in you. Better try to find common topics and Hobbies. People who share the same interests, Hobbies, are attracted to each other.
When you talk about yourself, not to remember the unpleasant moments of life. Better tell a few funny situations that happened to you. Men appreciate a good sense of humor. I can tell you about their successes and achievements, but without pathos. Remember, whatever you said, try to be positive.
Coming home after a date, remember that the entire conversation with the man. This will not only help to create an overall picture of the person with whom you met, but also to note their mistakes. And even if you do not meet, it will be for you an invaluable experience.