Topic of conversation can become everything around you – weather, birds, people, transport. Don't be afraid to look stupid and naive – a casual remark about the weather you discharge the situation, and your "stupidity" probably will soon be forgotten. During interruptions to the guy may well experience the same confusion as you.
Show interest in the personality of the interlocutor and his Hobbies. Ask the guy what he likes to do, what music he likes to listen to, what books to read and what movies to watch. Can affect the topic of sports. Prepare for dialogue in advance to be able to answer the counter the same questions. Then you can discuss specific books, musical direction, group, interesting movies etc. listen Carefully to the guy, don't interrupt, ask clarifying and probing questions.
Do not rush with Frank questions to find out whether he already has a girl, you will be able and after. Do not climb into the soul of man trying to know what he wants: it's very personal, this guy can just get lost. Try to choose neutral topics, stick to a distance that you feel.
Go along with a guy in a movie theater, to the exhibition. After the session you will be able to discuss what they see. Interest in the first place, his opinion, and then Express their.
When dealing with a guy refer to it by name. Surely he will be pleased to hear my name from your lips. Especially if it is complemented by a flattering compliment.
Sometimes conversation is not needed. For example, if you are already familiar and you have a romantic date, you can just be silent, looking into each other's eyes. Don't be afraid of the "sign language": take the boy by the hand, kiss on the cheek, softly whispering in your ear nonsense. It will bring together and liberate you. To speak of dreams in such circumstances it is appropriate.