Interested in the Affairs of men. Lack of attention to career, education and Hobbies your partner will quickly start to hurt and then becomes the cause of separation. But the girl, keenly interested in how second favorite day, the chances for a lasting relationship. But what if the Affairs of men obscure and uninteresting? To start, determine the area in which you need to begin to focus. It is very important not to overload yourself with unnecessary information. For example, you already know that your man loves fishing. Find out what: summer, winter, diving, etc. Find information on the topic on the Internet and carefully study it. Do not try to read complex materials – start with the basics. Get a special notebook in which you record your lover mentioned terms and then learn their meaning. Of course, all this should be done discreetly. And one day you will please a man that at a good level will be able to talk about his passion.
Don't forget about women's dignity. This is especially true in the beginning of the relationship. Don't run after a man and not rush things. The stronger sex are attracted only to those persons who need to win. The following advice may be sound old-fashioned, but you should not accept expensive gifts before your relationship will come to a higher level, and you will be the bride and groom. Behave with dignity is a valuable quality at all times.
Do not allow manifestations of rudeness and disrespect on the part of men. Here we are not talking about rudeness or aggression – such individuals should initially stay away. But if your beloved has destroyed the contents of the refrigerator, knowing that you will be late, and hungry, or offered to come to him on the bus because he is too lazy to go car – it is a clear signal of disrespect. To suppress this behavior, and if does not help – it'll just get better, because in the future everything will be even worse.
Don't try to flirt with other men to cause jealousy or to assert themselves. For men such behavior is unacceptable, and equivalent to treason. A woman who shows herself, flirts and behaves too openly, a man can meet for sex but not for marriage.
Remember: love is not a leash. Accept the fact that you can not all day to be together. Women who strive to keep man on a leash, is almost always left alone. Happy couples always have a personal space, free time and life outside the family. Should not dissolve in the man, but also not totally alienate. Find a middle ground and stick with it. Good luck to you in creating the perfect relationship!