Find out whether the Internet connection itself on your model of phone? You can find it in the list of specifications of your device. Besides, there are several types of connections: Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS and WAP. Connect each of them has certain nuances, but the General principles of setting up mobile Internet are the same. For example, a Wi-Fi connection in addition to a properly connected phone requires an active access point within the coverage area of the mobile device.
There are two ways to set up Internet on a mobile device. The first is to send an SMS to a short number and save the message as the settings "default". The second – network access you can get, personally fill in all the fields in the menu item "Internet connection".
The first field requires you to enter a name for the connection. Everything is simple: as the name of the network indicates the English language the name of your operator by adding the word "Internet". Examples: Internet MTS, Beeline Internet, etc. Then you want to fill your home URL plug-in connection. In fact, this is the home page for each operator (,
In the "Proxy server" you can choose "On/Off". Disable access to it. Each Internet connection has its own unique address – it will have to look at the website of the operator and to drive the digital values in the field "IP address".
The name of the access point to the Internet is a single form - internet.(the name of your operator).EN. In order to enhance the security of network access you are required to enter the login and password to access the Internet from your mobile phone. They can also be found on the official website of the company providing you with cellular services.