For customers , the company "MTS" there is a short number 0876 under which you can make the order automatic settings for the Internetconnection. During the call, the operator does not remove funds from the account. You can also visit the official website MTS, download the request form and fill it out (usually requires only a mobile phone number). In addition, obtaining the settings is possible after sending SMS without text to number 1234, or when visiting the office of the company (or the nearest salon).
Fill out the form to receive the settings directly on the operator's website and is available for subscribers of "MegaFon". To do this, go to the main page of the site, it is to find and select the first field called "Phone", then "Options Internetand GPRS WAP". You will see a form with empty fields, fill it in and send.
Automatic configuration of subscribers of MegaFon can get by sending SMS with text "1" to number 5049 (instead of "1" may indicate "2" if you need WAP settings, and "3" if you need MMS settings). In addition, users are also available a short number 05049 and 05190.
Please note that clients of "MegaFon" are numbers customer services: 0500 (for calls from mobile) and 502-5500 (for calls from a landline phone). Do not forget about the possibility of contacting the office of customer support or the salon. There experts will help you to solve the problem and configure the necessary services.
Subscribers of the operator "Beeline" there are two different options to connect the Internetand on your mobile (using GPRS connection without it). If you need to get automatic GPRS settings, then use the USSD request to *110*181# and if you need another type of connection, dial *110*111#. As soon as you send your request on one of the selected items, the "reboot" your phone to settings can take effect (restart the phone is very simple: first turn it off then turn it on again).