Not all mobile phones of Nokia support this option as wap or gprs. So if you acquire a connected device, ask the consultant about the possibilities and the built-in options, phone.
Internet services provides you, the operator, by the subscriber which you are. That's why you should check the settings in the cellular company.
When you activate the SIM-card into your mobile settings should come in the form of a service message. You will save them and make standard the default. Go to the phone menu. Ahead you will see several tabs, each of which has their options and their purpose.
For Internet settings select the Settings tab. Opening it, you will see a small list of different functions. Click "Phone" and then "Configuration" - "configuring personal settings".
Then create an access point. Write its name - it depends on the cellular operator. For example, if you are a subscriber of "MegaFon", specify the point name – internet.
Enter the name of the settings; it must match the name of the company. For example, subscribers of "MegaFon" should set the name of Megafon Internet. Specify the home page address, for example,
In addition to these settings, you should activate the service "Mobile Internet", for which contact your carrier or use the self-service system, which you can find on the official website of your mobile operator.
In some models of Nokia there is no option in "Configuration", but there is a so-called parameter WLAN. To configure this setting, go to phone menu, select "Settings" - "Connectivity" - "Settings" - "destinations". You will see a list of Internet settings. Add a new point by selecting "access Point". The next item is the Internet" - contains all possible connections. You can also configure the wap by selecting the third item from the top.