You will need
  • - mobile phone with support GPRS/EDGE;
  • - SIM-card Tele2;
  • - the user guide of your phone.
Make sure that your phone has support for EDGE/GPRS. Information about this view in the user manual or on the website of the manufacturer of your mobile phone.
Once you have confirmed that your phone supports all the necessary for the Internet connection technology, dial the number 679. The phone will begin receiving SMS messages. They will contain an automatic configuration of the Internet and how to save on your phone. Act in accordance with the received message information. After performing all these steps, save the new settings.
Restart the phone. Log on to the Internet. If all operations have been performed correctly, in the window browser will open the starting page of Tele2.
In case of any difficulties with the installation of the automatic settings, enter the required information manually. Log in to the phone menu, select the "Settings" tab. Depending on your phone model, the way to enter the settings may be different. Learn how to get into the special menu on your phone, you can
In the "Home page" enter Next to "Proxy server" set to "Off". In the column "Channel or connection type" you specify GPRS. In the "access Point APN" write By setting Internet operator Tele2 username and password are required.
Save settings for a new connection. Keep in mind that browsing the Internet will now start with page Tele2. Services are provided to all subscribers free of charge. Remember that fee is for data transfer.