Check whether your mobile device is such an option like wap or gprs. Go to phone menu and find the appropriate section ("Internet"). You can also get information from the instructions that came with the camera.
Connect access the Internet. To do this, contact your carrier. For example, if you are a customer of MegaFon dial from your phone short number 0500; if MTS - 0890; if Beeline - 0611. Also you can connect mobile Internet through the official page in Internete ("MegaFon" - "MTS" - "Beeline" -
Adjust the unit itself. To do this, you can request automatic configuration. They will come to your phone as a service message, which you later will need just save and activate.
In that case, if you want to customize a mobile, please check with your operator settings. In phone you will need to create a new account and access point. Usually after making all the changes, the phone will have to reboot.
Then you should choose the program options. With the help of it you can see all sorts of sites. About the pros and cons of the browsers learn through Internetor from their friends.
Install the program. You can download it with a computer or to use a wap-server. Be careful, because some sites give a program for fairly large amounts. So try not to download information from an unknown links. After installation, run the Internetbrowser.
If you for some reason can't install or connect to the Internet, contact the office of your cellular company. Don't forget to bring your mobile device.