Advice 1: How to open a padlock

Hanging locks, especially those all the time under the open sky and are affected by atmospheric precipitation, can present a rather unpleasant surprises. To make the most inopportune time not to become a hostage of its own locking device, you need to learn a few ways to open the lockwhen he turns out to be defective.
How to open a padlock
You will need
  • -some tap water;
  • aerosol penetrating lubricant for locks;
  • -a bit of sunflower oil.
Insert the key into the keyhole and try to turn it slightly clockwise and counterclockwise, without resorting to force. While holding the lock arm, lock it in a fixed position. If it does not give any results, do not attempt to repeatedly repeat the same motion, increasing strength and intensity of pressure, without AIDS you are unlikely something will achieve.
Enter to start with the plain tap water in a spare container and pour on the "naughty" castle. If it happens in the cold season, rain water, stiff it just might freeze under the influence of the coming frost, bound thereby the lock mechanism. Better if the water will be hot, but rather can be plain water from the tap, you can quickly dial in your house or apartment.
Use spray lubricant, if after thawing the hanging castle is refusing to come to any compromise with you. Direct the tube through which lubricant is supplied, in its bore, and press on the spray can. The effect of this must follow immediately - even old and heavily rusted locks quickly "come alive" after processing them with penetrating lubricant.
Do not despair if at the right moment specialized lubricant for locks in your house was not there. To perform its function, though perhaps not as efficiently, maybe sunflower oil. Carefully pour a small amount into the keyhole and try to open the "naughty" castle again. It is possible that you it is easy to manage, and to resort to grinders left on the most extreme case, still do not have.
Useful advice
Do not attempt to defeat the lock by force - from this it can jam even more - it is better to use AIDS which are always at hand.

Advice 2 : How to open a semicircular castle

Semi-circular or padlock does not differ special reliability, but enjoys well-deserved popularity of the "Keeper" of utility rooms, attics, garages and similar facilities. In view of the infrequent demand for the keys to the locks to them are hard to find, which leads to the need of opening a lock with improvised means.
How to open a semicircular castle
You will need
  • - padlock
  • - angle grinder (saw-grinder)
  • - discs for metal grinders
  • - paper clip or wire - 2 PCs.
  • - a balloon with liquid nitrogen
  • - hammer
  • - chisel
  • - crowbar-crowbar
Install on the grinder disc for metal cutting and bring to the shackle of the lock. Turn on the saw and align the disk to the place where the shackle enters the grooves. Will perepelita her. Then remove the body to the side and remove the lock.
Take the wire or a few paper clips and unfold them in a straight line. Then bend the tip of the first letter G and insert in the lower part of the keyhole. Rotate the pick in different directions and determine where the lock opens. Turn in the desired direction and hold in place.
The second lock pick insert in the upper part of the keyhole. Try to feel it with the tip stariki inside the castle. Raise them one by one. Then rotate the first lock pick and open the lock.
Using a balloon with liquid nitrogen, treat the handle of the lock. Wait approximately 5 seconds. Place to frozen place the chisel, and then strongly and sharply hit it with a hammer a few times. Then re-treat the handle with liquid nitrogen and strike until then, until you crack. Send her a chisel and split the handle of the lock.
If the bow is near the lock is very thick or made of durable material, and you failed to break it, then fix the lock so that it is not loose in the hand (for example, preprite him to the door). Then treat the spot where the shackle connects to the lock body, liquid nitrogen. Wait 5 seconds. Put the chisel to this place and put strikes so that they had the lock body. Knock the shackle out of the housing, remove it to the side and remove the lock.
Take your crowbar and insert it into the opening between the shackle and the lock body. The end that you have in your hands, lift up, and the other end abut a wall below the castle. Fell with all my weight on the crowbar, sharply pull it down as long as the shackle will not come out of the grooves. Remove the body to the side and remove the locking of the loop.
Only movie opening with a clip or a wire is almost instantaneous, life is a long and laborious process that requires experience and patience.

To open the lock, doused with liquid nitrogen, is a myth. If liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -200 degrees in the narrow space of the castle with room temperature, nitrogen will instantly evaporate and will break out in the form of gas, not allowing to fill the new portion.
Useful advice
Alternatively, a container with liquid nitrogen it is possible to use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.
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