You will need
  • - nail file from the jigsaw;
  • - pliers;
  • - a drill bit;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the crowbar.
To start, pull out a broken key stuck in the keyhole. Ask a neighbor file from the jigsaw. Take it and insert in the keyhole so that the teeth of the saw facing up. Then slowly turn the nail file, try to catch the key. Then slowly pull the file with the key from the keyhole.
If a piece of the key peeking out of the door, then open the door and pull out key with pliers. Hook tool for peek-a-Boo edge of the broken key and carefully turn it in the direction that you turned the key, opening the door. Once the door opens, drag the key for yourself.
If the key to get succeeded, but the lock didn't open, perhaps the problem lies in the fact that the castle itself was broken. Try to get to the internal mechanism of the lock. To fulfill this quite easy, if the front door is "English" castle. To get to the internal mechanism, drill out the cylinder, then delete the key "larvae", and then with the help of metal hooks hook the drive mechanism, so that the beams will be in the lock body.
If between the door leaf and frame are looked through the bars of the lock, cut them with a grinder.
In that case, if the front door there is even a small gap, try to pry it using a strong screwdriver and a crowbar: this manipulation will allow us to determine the weak spot of the door so it could open without damaging the door leaf.