Take a penknife or ordinary tin, and thrust in the door. The blade enters the material from which made the door, like butter. Can easily pierce the door through. All because the inside of such doors is through the filling of compressed cardboard.
How to open a Chinese <strong>door</strong>
After all these operations get through the hole in the door. Can extend it and climb through it, though it will take a lot of time. So better just cut out the "safe-lock", and quietly open the door.
Try pliers and axe them the door also will not resist. They easily you son of a bitch on her part. The attacker wouldn't even need the skeleton key and bunch of keys. A minimum set of cutting tools.
How to open a Chinese <strong>door</strong>
The deformation of the fabric due to the thinness of the metal often visually visible, and the canvas you can push with a simple push of a finger. And the holes are for the apartment number just stick the awl.
How to open a Chinese <strong>door</strong>
If you still cannot open the door with a knife, its easy to hack with a simple bump key or lock picks, because used in the Chinese door system cheap perekodirovat cylinders is not very reliable. You run the risk of not even getting home with the native key, for the reason that the system of cylinders wears out quickly and is samoperedelny.
How to open a Chinese <strong>door</strong>