You will need
  • Pliers, liquid rust remover, brass tube, blowtorch, screwdriver, magnet.
If the key broke in the garage lock and a portion of the chip protrudes outside, try a pair of pliers to turn it back and pull. If there is not enough effort to turn the broken keyand pre-spray into the keyhole with liquid rust remover and wait while the liquid will not make your case.
If the key will not crank, gently tap the chip and then try to turn the key. Do not bend the chip in order to make it more convenient for him to hold, if not completely sure that it will not break.
If the key broke and a fragment remained inside the well, pick up brass tube of that diameter to attachment to the chip it came with interference. Heat one end of the tube with a blowtorch and aprecaite it on the chip.
Wait for complete cooling of the tube, and splash into the well fluid against rust. Then, gently twist up, try to turn the key and pull.
If broken flat key in the door lock, then try to turn it with a screwdriver in the position in which he should be free to go. Then the two needles will hook the chip from both sides and leaning on the edge of the well, pull it. If the key , try using a strong magnet.