When you do find keys in the usual place, the first thought that comes to mind – you "ve lostI. But we should not make a hasty decision, first check all the pockets, perhaps you accidentally put them in there, and the whole bag, you could confuse the offices in it, or key and all could fall into the hole lining. Don't forget to look at the door itself, because you could accidentally leave them in the keyhole.Be sure to call your household: perhaps they accidentally took your keys. Check out kids toys, they love to take "adult" things. In any case, try not to panic and to remember where you saw your keys for the last time. Details reproduce in memory the last event. Perhaps you went into the cafe or to visit. In this case, you need to visit this place again (or to call) to confirm whether you found your stuff.If you already know what the keys exactly was lost, but now need to figure out how to get to the apartment. Well, if there is a spare key from a neighbor, the parents or the household. Then either wait for them to come or to go to them, to be able to get to the apartment.But if the spare key does not have to break the door. For this you can call a locksmith from domoupravliaiushchii company or TSZH, and you can apply to specialized organizations, which with caution will try to open the door to the apartment without damage.If you know what keys are lost permanently, you must change the locks to the apartment. Of course, the likelihood that the finder of people use them, small, but we can not exclude the fact that the attacker specifically could steal your keys, so risk in this question is not necessary, because you can lose more than you will spend on the installation of a new lock.