Since the phone is bought on credit, is not technically your property until the full repayment of the loan, then its return will differ from the return of a regular product. In the design of credit instruments with the conditions of the loan prescribed and pledge agreement of the product that is purchased at the expense of credit funds.
Under this agreement, you may not, without the consent of or notice to the Bank to return the thing to the shop, pledge, sell it. That is, the return should deal with the Bank. But in practice, however, banks have a showdown with the store or the customer do not trouble yourself. Therefore, to act by themselves.
You need to contact the seller with a statement written in any form, on termination of the contract of sale. In the statement, specify the specific reasons. The application is written in 2 copies: the first copy is given to the seller, the second as a confirmation of the treatment registration mark is left for themselves.
After you returned the phone to the store, you are obliged to return the down payment, if you made it. All other tools shop transfers to the account of the Bank providing the loan. This must be done within ten days from the date of termination of the contract of sale. Always check the flow of funds to the Bank.
Then apply to the Bank on early termination of the loan agreement, as terminated the contract of purchase and sale of goods. The Bank you may request documentary evidence of the return of the goods to the store. Why worry about the existence of such a document in advance.
In the Bank take a document confirming the closure of the loan account and the loan agreement. Remember that before the termination of the agreement, you shall not be entitled to reduce or suspend mortgage payments. You are also required to comply with the terms of the loan in full, if the purchased item is being repaired (under warranty).